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Sep 24, 2020

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Trapcraft Mod 1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2 — A useful trapping tool in Minecraft — Wminecraft.net

Trapcraft Mod 1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2 is an interesting mod for Minecraft players who love to trick and craft traps. Download Trapcraft Mod, you will experience all kinds of traps, you can trap wild animals or troll your friends. Minecraft is one of the best open world games right now. There are many people participating in this game, because it has many good mods, diverse terrain and an attractive survival adventure. Many mods were created to make this open world game more interesting, one of the mods worth mentioning for those who like the unique experience from the traps is Trapcraft Mod. You will have many incredible interesting experiences when coming to strange traps to troll your friends or hunt animals. Join us to learn about Trapcraft Mod!

What Will I Learn?

Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft is also considered a Minecraft Mod version used to troll your friends. Trapcraft Mod adds a variety of tools to create traps, helping players defend themselves without participating in direct combat.

The TrapCraft mod adds many different types of traps to Minecraft, as well as a number of other mechanisms. It will make survival more diverse and add many new features to the game.

Coming to Trapcraft Mod you will have a lot of experience with many trap creation tools as well as additional strategic traps for your game. Through many different tools, the traps you create will help you fight or kill enemies without having to confront directly.

Preeminent features of Trapcraft Mod in Minecraft

The Dummy

With a Dummy you can control all monsters within radius and vision to attack it. You will have 20 health and drop vanilla heads on the dead spot.

Note: Due to their extreme craving for human flesh, the zombies are not deceived by the dummy.

Lamp burns when powered. The fire set distance can be upgraded using the Igniter range module.


To upgrade the ignition, right click on the igniter and it will open this inert face …

Then place the number of blocks you want the igniter to reach into the slots on the right side.

Igniter range module

To upgrade an igniter right click on an igniter and it will open this inerface…

Then place the number of blocks you want the igniter to be able to reach in the slots to the right.

This trap will be activated when it comes into contact with any non-player creature. Activated traps can be activated to reset them. Traps help us keep prey in place while they periodically bleed.

Bear trap

This versatile chest is very helpful in obtaining loot from the traps you have laid out. When items are nearby towards itself and automatically send any contact items.

When you set a trap, but the prey appears suspicious or not entering the trap you set. This Fan Tool will help you push prey into the trap with ease. In addition it can push items at high speed and can push sand fall. However, this fan needs a redstone signal to function!

Magnetic chest

You can place it under the trap hole as it can cause damage to any entity that comes into contact with it.

Lawn mulch is very helpful in helping you hide the traps. Its colors are very diverse on any background of grass or creatures. It can certainly help cover up traps or thorns.

Trapcraft Mod is one of the best mods today, it gives you many new experiences in Minecraft games. Hope that the above sharing will help you better understand Trapcraft Mod.


Deal damage to any entity that comes in contact with it.
Does not affect items.


Breaks when walked on.
Useful for covering pitfalls and spikes.
Blends to colour of grass on a per biome basis.

Grass cover


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