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2 min readNov 18, 2020


The appearance of the cars is perfectly adapted to the Minecraft style: the player can easily distinguish Lamborghini from Ford, but the textures and car models do not stand out from the atmosphere of the game.

At the moment, more than a hundred different models have been implemented in the modification, and even the most fastidious player can find something to his liking. Some cars have up to 16 colors that you can choose when creating a car. If you lacked vehicles in Minecraft, then you should download the mod for Spino’s Vehicles.

How to install Spino’s Vehicles?

  1. First, your computer must have Minecraft forge installed
  2. Download Flans mod; and Simple Parts Pack
  3. Then, navigate to the folder containing Minecraft.
  4. For Windows computers, from the Start menu, open Run, enter the command %appdata% and click the Run button.

On a Mac, from Open Finder, hold Alt then Go -> Library in the top menu bar. Open the Application Support folder to find Minecraft.

For Minecraft 1.12.2 [1.75 Mb] (Downloads: 36766):

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