Paintball mod 1.16.4-1.12.2–1.8–1.7.10 — more interesting experiences for a battle

Paintball mod 1.16.4–1.12.2–1.8–1.7.10 is one of the interesting mods of Minecraft for those who are adventurous and love experiencing the atmosphere of a real battle. The new-added interesting features and items of the mod attract a lot of players.

Paintball mod’s features

What Will I Learn?

In Paintball mod, players can see a lot of new items such as the remote, scanners, flags, shotguns, snipers, launchers, claymores, C4, pellets, armor racks, med kits, paintbrushes, and so on. With the paintball guns and armor of different colors, you can play games with your friends. Playing in a team in the games like capturing the flag will help you have an interesting experience in this mod. So, do not forget to invite your friends to play together.

There are 6 team colors for you to choose which go with the armors, weapons, and bases. It includes the red team, yellow team, orange team, green team, blue team, and the purple team. An Insta-based will be built with weapon racks, a flag, gear racks, and ammunition. The base is locked to the color of a player to prevent others from entering the base. This will help you protect your base from the damage.

Moreover, the interesting features come from the new weapon with different skill-set. The set ranges from single shot to burst shot to scattershot. For players who like adventurous experience, Paintball mod is a suitable choice when C4, claymores, and grenades are also added to the game to increase explosive damage. Besides, a remote is equipped to help you control the C4 in the game.

Experience of playing Minecraft with Paintball mod

In Paintball mod, the paintbrush tool is one of the most favorite features of many players. You can turn anything (like other team’s claymore, flags, bases, armor) to your desired color to avoid being attacked by the enemies. In this way, the game becomes more interesting and creative.

The base is like the little castle that can protect you from everyone’s paintballs. There are some kinds of weapons for you to choose from. The short guns will produce little pellets. If you shoot for a long distance, you will not see any of the pellets on the ground. So, you should consider the distance when playing with guns.

For most kinds of weapons, you left click to aim and right-click to shoot. For example, For the launcher, pistol, you will be given a lucky little aim if you left-click. If you right-click, you can shoot something to make it blow up after that. Anything which is six blocks wide can be destroyed. For the grenade, you also just need to right-click to shoot the target.

The Paintball mod is highly appreciated by players because it provides a really cool game to Minecraft. You can experience the different functions of each weapon and have fun with the colors. A lot of elements of surprise are added to the games. Let’s try to install the mod and enjoy the Paintball world today.

The recipes are the same for every team. Just replace the red items with whatever color you want.





How to install the Paintball Mod 1.8/1.7.10 with Minecraft Forge

Author: lKinx

Originally published at on October 6, 2020.

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