Mod Camera 1.16.4-1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2 — Allows you to take pictures in Minecraft

Mod Camera 1.16.4–1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2
Mod Camera 1.16.4–1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2

Salient features of Camera Mod

  • Pictures can be included in the frame.
  • The photos can be displayed by right clicking on the photo.
  • Photographs can be reproduced by combining it with a piece of paper on a crafting table.
  • The photographer’s date and name is stored with the photo.
  • Each picture is a piece of paper.
  • The photos are saved in the world folder.
  • The camera uses one piece of paper for each picture taken
  • The camera has many filters that can be applied
  • Multi-player compatibility

Download Camera Mod for Minecraft 1.16.4–1.16.3–1.15.2–1.12.2



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