Minecraft Modern HD Resource Pack 1.16.4–1.13.2 — Modern building

Tutorial,review,download and install Minecraft Modern HD Resource Pack 1.16.4–1.13.2 — Modern building

Modern HD Resource Pack 1.16.4–1.13.2 will serve the purpose of modern building and satisfy Minecraft players with the desire to build their biggest city ever. Everything here has lots of details for players to choose from, there are also a lot of interesting features that you can explore. With this new version, it is sure that players will have more features that make players happy.

Modern HD Resource Pack features for everyone

The first feature that players will feel when using it is that it brings sharp high definition textures to the game. If you are planning to build an apartment, house or a building, this resource pack will be a great option. This resource pack contains detailed information for every block to make it look advanced and professional. You’ll find bookshelves, paintings, banners, revamped glasses, and many more blocks with fine detail.

Resource Pack Screenshots:

Modern HD Resource Pack

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