Lucky Block Blue Mod 1.8–1.7.10 Minecraft — Spiral lucky blocks —

Lucky block mod is the most popular mod with many variations. Just tap the Lucky Block, pass your fingers, and hope it will drop the items you need.

Things you need to know about Lucky Block Blue Mod

In the Lucky Block Mod app, you will find many mods and maps with lucky spiral blocks, astronomical lucky block, rainbow, lucky block, TNT, space, creeper lucky block, delta, emerald, night, futuristic lucky block, plural lucky block, blue and diamond lucky block mod.

Lucky Block Race Map is a map designed for two players and uses a lucky block mod. The winner is the one who breaks them all first. The rules are quite simple, so this card is suitable for a friendly game. Have fun with your friend breaking the lucky blocks. It is never known what or who will appear after such a block is destroyed, so you need to be very careful.

You should also keep an eye on your opponent: suddenly, he has moved on and is on the verge of a coveted victory?

Another great use of the lucky block mod is to have a humorous contest between friends. A great way to pass the time.

Features of Lucky Block Blue Mod

  • Lucky blocks can get a different ‘degree of luck’ if you place them on a crafting board with certain items.
    The ‘luck’ of a lucky block is displayed as a bar from 0 to 100.
  • The higher the level of luck, the more likely it is that the lucky block will bring you good fortune.
  • The luck level can also be negative, 0 to -100. The level of negative luck makes the lucky blocks unlucky.
  • There are 3 Lucky Blocks in the advertising warehouse. One is normal, one is fortunate 80, and the other is -80.

The list of items that affect luck is in the ‘ Craft’ category.

Are you looking for a lucky block mod or a lucky block map? The Lucky Block Blue Mod app contains new maps and mods that can be downloaded and installed for free without limitation. You can easily download apps on the Play Store.

There are many things you can get out of this lucky block. For example, an ordinary stick named “Your Dream” enters a small pyramid made of emerald cubes. This lucky block addon will really make your dream come true.

Lucky Blocks can spawn animals, monsters, other entities, and even structures!

From giants to fireworks to diamonds, Lucky Block will give you an enjoyable experience every time you mine it.

Mod requires installation by mod:

How to install Lucky Block Blue Mod

Lucky Block Blue Mod 1.8–1.7.10 Download Links:

Lucky Block Blue Mod v2 — Minecraft version 1.8:

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