Galacticraft Mod 1.12.2 — Explorer Space Minecraft —


Minecraft Galacticraft Mod 1.12.2… enables you to reach the depths of space on your starship, overcome the mysteries, and meet mobs in the universe. It is a Minecraft mod that adds four new dimensions in the Solar System that are primarily focused on planets and satellite systems. The dimensions include the Moon, Mars, Asteroids, and a Space Station designed by the Explorer Space (the player, aka you).

In order to explore the depths of space, you just need to construct a space rocket with the help of NASA Workbench. The rockets further get classified into three tiers. The first tier makes travel to Space Station, Overworld, and Moon. The second tier can move the Explorer to Mars, and lastly, entry to the Asteroids with the third-tier rockets’ help. Constructing and flying rockets also need refined fuel from Oil.

Minecraft Galacticraft Mod Features:

What Will I Learn?

  • Journey all over the solar system.
  • Create your own spacecraft and customize it.
  • Discover asteroids and distant planets.
  • SMP Support
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Brand new mobs.
  • Loads of new blocks and other items.
  • API for providing more material to modders, featuring completely new planetary bodies and galaxies.

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Originally published at on September 7, 2020.



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