Fabric ModLoader 1.16.4–1.15.2 — Review and Install Tutorial

Fabric mod design features

  • Fabric APIs are super lightweight and modular, making game versions much more stable and stable compared to other APIs.
  • Fabric Tool Chain is readily available to everyone — even if you just want to use some of them.

Salient features of Fabric ModLoader for Minecraft

Main advantages of Fabric ModLoader

  • Install and use a large number of Mods in Minecraft at high speed.
  • The snapshot feature in Fabric ModLoader is always available (To show it during installation, check the box next to “Show Snapshots”).
  • Do not add any annoyances to Minecraft and only mods are necessary for the development and use of add-ons in the game.
  • Help players transfer all their favorite mods from one Minecraft version to another easily.
  • Minimize quite a lot of resources lost and compatible with many different Minecraft mods at the same time. This allows players to simplify how to play Minecraft mods.
  • Simple design and interface, super user-friendly.

How to install Fabric Mod Loader

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Run the file, select your version of the game or snapshot, and then click Install.
  3. In the launcher, select the version with the ‘fabric-loader’ in it`s name.


Fabric ModLoader 1.16.4–1.15.2 Download Links:



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