Better Sprinting Mod 1.16.4-1.15.2 — Upgrades the character’s running

The salient features of Better Sprinting Mod

  • Press the Sprint key to sprint.
  • Switch the Sprint key while pressing to toggle between acceleration and walking.
  • Switch Sneak key while pressing to switch to stealth action.
  • Press the Menu key to quickly access Better Sprinting settings in the game (default: O).
  • Option to turn on/off when double pressing W.
  • Enhance flight while running in Creative mode.
  • Option to enable or disable running mode in all directions.
  • Option to disable functions in mod (you can disable mod if server doesn’t allow it).
  • Compatible with many popular mods like Minecraft Forge, OptiFine HD or SPC. You can install mods on the server, use the /bettersprinting command to enable special features or automatically disable client-side mods when players join.

The special experiences of Better Sprinting Mod

How to download Better Sprinting Mod 1.16.4–1.16.3–1.16.1–1.15.2



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