Better Sprinting Mod 1.16.4-1.15.2 — Upgrades the character’s running

Better Sprinting Mod 1.16.4–1.15.2 is a mod built to upgrade running features — a basic function and familiar to Minecraft gamers. So, what interesting features and experiences does the Better Sprinting Mod have?

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2 min readSep 23, 2020

Since its launch until now, Minecraft has gone through many different upgrades. Besides, there are also many new features added by players contributing ideas. Among those functions, there is an essential element that players require a lot and later on the publisher decided to include the game as a main function: Function that allows the character to run, accelerate, be called Sprinting.

The salient features of Better Sprinting Mod

Better Sprinting Mod is Minecraft Mod that upgrades the character’s running (Sprint) feature in the Minecraft world by assigning it a private key. Therefore, its features are much more diverse than other mods.

  • Press the Sprint key to sprint.
  • Switch the Sprint key while pressing to toggle between acceleration and walking.
  • Switch Sneak key while pressing to switch to stealth action.
  • Press the Menu key to quickly access Better Sprinting settings in the game (default: O).
  • Option to turn on/off when double pressing W.
  • Enhance flight while running in Creative mode.
  • Option to enable or disable running mode in all directions.
  • Option to disable functions in mod (you can disable mod if server doesn’t allow it).
  • Compatible with many popular mods like Minecraft Forge, OptiFine HD or SPC. You can install mods on the server, use the /bettersprinting command to enable special features or automatically disable client-side mods when players join.

The special experiences of Better Sprinting Mod

As we all know, the Sprinting system in Minecraft is not really complete and reasonable. But don’t worry, Better Sprinting Mod will fix this, help the character run and accelerate easily.

The best thing this Minecraft Mod brings is that it is compatible with most other mods with changing options, similar to OptiFine HD. The Better Sprinting Mod is just not compatible with mods that change character behavior or the Controls menu (add new buttons using GameSettings, how the Controls menu works/display… as they will break the save settings).

How to download Better Sprinting Mod 1.16.4–1.16.3–1.16.1–1.15.2

Author: chylex — Source: Curseforge

Originally published at on September 23, 2020.



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