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It is a 3D Model Editor Data Pack 1.15.2–1.14.4 . Let’s keep on reading to learn more about all of the features of this amazing mob.In the world of game, there are a multitude of useful tools that help users gain many more interesting experiences.
However, not everyone understands well about these mods. In this article, we will introduce one of the best packs that are super fun and effective for Minecraft Vanilla.

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3D Model Editor Data Pack 1.15.2–1.14.4

Interesting features of 3D Model Editor Data Pack

3D Model Editor Data Pack may not be an unfamiliar mob for any pro gamers who always seek for the newest and highest quality app for their games. This 3D Pack is included with a wide range of useful tools for people to erect their own works in the Minecraft Vanilla. There are a total of more than 60 different and unique 3D models along with an entirely new mechanic in this pack which enables people to place more models on each Mineblock. Unlike the new version, the 1.15.2/1.14.1 one adds some new features into some of its model so you ought to try them out. They are rotable and all the types of the block can be adjusted so as to fit well with the model. Thus, you may not face any problems while building your work.

Recipes and Screenshots:

How to Install:

  1. Install Minecraft Optifine.
  2. Download the data pack from the link below then extract it.
  3. Launch Minecraft. At the main menu, choose Singleplayer.
  4. Select the world you want to install this data pack, then click on Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Choose Open World Folder. A window will pop out — open datapacks folder. Now you should drop the data pack folder you have just extracted into that folder.
  5. Back to the game, press Save to complete.
  6. Install resource pack included in the data pack by putting it in resourcepacks folder. Then load it in the game.
  7. Enter the world and enjoy it. If you didn’t get the installation message, run the command /reload. If you cannot use /reload command, you should create a new world.


3D Model Editor Data Pack Download Links:

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